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Lost song

There is no song only poetry,

the music left with your silence,

and in a bitter cry

died the memory.


There is no song only poetry,

the music left with your silence.

And I keep waiting…

I was left alone!


And my song was lost

with your silence,

and there was no music only poetry…



From the book “Love, Sorrow and Disregard” 


The Sad Little Girl

This little girl is leaving,

is leaving alone, is leaving sad,

she is living tired of waiting.


She wanted to reach you and desperate

she yelled in anguish, she shouted to shut up!

But you don’t listen, you never heard,

and the sad little girl was left alone.


Time passes and you more distant,

the little sad girl lonely cried,

and even more sad you left her.

The beautiful little girl once you loved so

of sadness she died alone.


From the book “Love, Sorrow and Disregard” 

I only know

I don’t know if by whim,
I don’t know if by pain,
all I know is that my heart
doesn’t want to let you go.

I don’t know if I still love you,
I don’t know if I ever loved you,
I only know that I have you there
from the day I meet you.

I don’t know if I want to forget you,
I don’t know if I ever will forget you,
I only know that I remember you
and that in my heart you remained.


From the book “Love, Sorrow and Disregard”

Only bad news

This past Wednesday as soon as I woke up the first thing I hear was the sad news of the High school stabbing in Pennsylvania, the week before that was the shooting at Fort Hood, Texas, yesterday a fire in Chile. Sincerely! No matter where you go there is always  bad news, it appears that the sky is falling and the people suffer for no reason. Listening to the news is very depressing, there is no good news only tragedies, people suffering all over the world and some wonder… what is happening?

Rest assured it is not the end of the world, although it may look like it is and so many have lost hope for the same reason, and while we have more questions than answers all I can say is that: “[God] will wipe away the tears from [your] eyes, and there will be no death, nor mourning, nor crying, nor pain, because all the old has gone” Revelation 21:4

Although it may not seem like there is hope, we do have hope and one day there will be no more pain and suffering, but while we wait we must continue praying to our Father for He is faithful to His promises, and you are not alone.

I Don’t Have Any Dreams!

Not so long ago I was being interviewed and I was asked; do you have any dreams? And I said; no, I don’t have any dreams, the interviewer looked at me all confused, and I just smiled at her. In reality, I have so many dreams and hopes, but I have learned that it does not matter how many dreams I have, and it does not matter how well I plan to make them come true, if the Lord has different plans for me then my dreams will not become a reality.

So, I learned that He has bigger dreams for me. I only let Him know my dreams but I let Him dream for me, because I know, He has better things for me. That does not mean that I have no goals, I have one too many, but I have let the Lord guide my life completely. It is not easy, because sometimes I get excited with certain things, and they just don’t happen, still the Lord knows what is best for me, and He will always provide because he wants me to be the beginning and not the end. Having dreams is wonderful, but letting the Lord to dream with you is priceless, because he knows what is best for you, and He will bless you according to His will and for His glory.

And you, do you have any dreams?


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I do not want to love you,

forbidden love,

crazy love,

wounded love. .

I do not want to love you,

love of no one,

love of everyone,

love? … Who knows?

I do not want to love you!,

I cry awake,

I close my eyes

and I love you more.

I do not want to love you,

you did not sought me,

just go alone …

Leave me in peace!


Taken from my book of poetry “Del Amor, El Desamor y El Olvido” (Love, Sorrow and Disregard) that is being translated.

Absent love

I cry for a crazy love that does not exist,

and I refuse to write these sad verses.

And even if I cry and cry

for something that does not exist.

I’m dying without thinking…

Why did you come?


From the book “Del Amor, El Deasmor y El Olvido” (Love, Sorrow and Disregard)


Little by little

I’m saving your memories.

Little by little

I forgot you’re not here.

Little by little

I die in silence,

and I live … perhaps …

ensuring …

even I know,

you will not comeback.


From the book “Del Amor, El Desamor y El Olvido” (Love, Sorrow and Disregard)

Move on and Move Forward!

Amazingly January is almost over. It seems like yesterday when we just welcomed the New Year and yet it seems like we are still living in the past. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I’m pretty sure that many of us are still writing 2013 instead of 2014, for some reason it takes time to get adjusted to the new year, after all it was a whole year! So while we are still hanging on to the past; don’t you think today is a good day to move on and move forward?

Forget about the past, forget about what you didn’t do and still hope you can fix, yesterday is history and today is a gift, that is why it is called the present. Yes! Today is a great day to begin, move on and move forward with your life and be happy, life is too short to be wasted. Remember “[the Lord] will show you the path of life; In [His] presence [your life] is full of joy; At [His] right hand are pleasures forevermore” Psalms 16:11 KJV

Don’t dwell in past, move on and move forward! 😉

I Don’t Want More Patience!

 I was so into my Religion class homework and suddenly I read a bible verse that I knew but that I hadn’t  meditated on lately.  As soon as I finish reading it I got up from my desk and ran abruptly downstairs, I went to the kitchen where my mother-in-law was cooking and I told her “I don’t want more patience, please do not pray for me because I don’t want more patience”

She looked at me a little bit confused and with a big smile in her face she asked me; why don’t you want more patience? Because, “the testing of your faith produces patience” and I don’t want my faith to be tested, I don’t want more trials nor tribulations, so please do not pray for me to have more patience.

It is not a secret that the path to patience is a long, long road, and to be honest I truly believe I have so much patience with people, really, I’m very patient, nevertheless I think I can always improve my patience, but I don’t want to be tested, I don’t know about you, but not me. Although that is a utopia, in reality for my patience to growth my faith need to be tested, that builds my character, but the point is not to be tested but instead to learn from those trials.

So, I try to learn patiently from all the trials that come to my life, although, I don’t want more patience! 😉