Lost dance

If you knew how much I need you,
and how much you make me sigh.
And I see you and you see me,
and quietly without talking
we continue this dance
that has no beginning nor end.

If you knew that I’m dying,
I’m dying of waiting.
And quietly you look at me and smiled,
and I see you without talk.

And so pass the hours, the days,
relentlessly gray days,
and I wait here quietly …
And I wait for you to come and invite me to dance.
In silence I wait,
stealthy, discreet, with my heart
open wide,
and I wait … if you knew that I’m dying…

But I know never will be!
Silently you look at me,
I look at you and wonder …
Does he love me?

If you knew that I wait
quietly and without crying …
and so we continue this dance,
that had no beginning nor end.


From the book “Love, Sorrow and Disregard”

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