Lost song

There is no song only poetry,

the music left with your silence,

and in a bitter cry

died the memory.


There is no song only poetry,

the music left with your silence.

And I keep waiting…

I was left alone!


And my song was lost

with your silence,

and there was no music only poetry…



From the book “Love, Sorrow and Disregard” 


In silence…

You in your world,

I am in mine.

You are self-absorbed,

I’m lost!


I cry, I weep!,

and you look at me.

Only words…

There is more hurt.


You in your world,

I am in mine.

You are self-absorbed,

I’m in pain!


I don’t scream anymore

you don’t look at me.

Only words,

I’m dying, I’m lost…


You in your world,

I am in mine.

You are self-absorbed,

I said it clear; I will forget you!


I cry in silence,

you already forget me.

There are no more words,

I fell asleep…


From the book “Love, Sorrow and Disregard” 


The Sad Little Girl

This little girl is leaving,

is leaving alone, is leaving sad,

she is living tired of waiting.


She wanted to reach you and desperate

she yelled in anguish, she shouted to shut up!

But you don’t listen, you never heard,

and the sad little girl was left alone.


Time passes and you more distant,

the little sad girl lonely cried,

and even more sad you left her.

The beautiful little girl once you loved so

of sadness she died alone.


From the book “Love, Sorrow and Disregard” 

I only know

I don’t know if by whim,
I don’t know if by pain,
all I know is that my heart
doesn’t want to let you go.

I don’t know if I still love you,
I don’t know if I ever loved you,
I only know that I have you there
from the day I meet you.

I don’t know if I want to forget you,
I don’t know if I ever will forget you,
I only know that I remember you
and that in my heart you remained.


From the book “Love, Sorrow and Disregard”

Lost dance

If you knew how much I need you,
and how much you make me sigh.
And I see you and you see me,
and quietly without talking
we continue this dance
that has no beginning nor end.

If you knew that I’m dying,
I’m dying of waiting.
And quietly you look at me and smiled,
and I see you without talk.

And so pass the hours, the days,
relentlessly gray days,
and I wait here quietly …
And I wait for you to come and invite me to dance.
In silence I wait,
stealthy, discreet, with my heart
open wide,
and I wait … if you knew that I’m dying…

But I know never will be!
Silently you look at me,
I look at you and wonder …
Does he love me?

If you knew that I wait
quietly and without crying …
and so we continue this dance,
that had no beginning nor end.


From the book “Love, Sorrow and Disregard”


I was about to forget you,
I pretended not to think of you
But today I saw you again
And hope was reborn.

Every time more far,
And more close
All the time absent
And at the same time present.

I was about to forget you
And today you knocked at my door
I Saw your smile, I felt your hands
My eyes smiled and you muted my lips.

In this cold solitude
Today you didn’t show up
My eyes didn’t laugh
Arrive oblivion, you are not longer here.

-Noemi Lara

*Published and translated with permission of the author you can visit her at https://laramar2.wordpress.com

My not so enchanted summer

Last summer was an unexpected summer, I went to Mexico. I was supposed to be there only the summer, but I end up staying there for 6 months and 6 days and the enchanted summer I was supposed to have…well, it was not so enchanted after all.
I cannot complain either because it helped me to grow as a person, or at least that is what I think. While I was there I found myself, lost myself and found myself again. It was not all that bad, although all the time I was there I was sick, yes you read it right! … I was sick all the time, I got the flu, sore throat, chicken pox, you name it I had it, and I came back with bronchopneumonia, and you wonder why? I wonder the same thing, still I was able to continue with my daily activities, and visit with my friends of the non-profit organizations I work with.

I was also able to do some missionary work although I had to put my homeschooled daughter into regular school though the experience was not that bad after all but as she said it was chaos. Maybe we expected too much or the standards were too low, go figure! Still she was able to make good friends and she loved the experience.

I will tell you all about my trip, in my upcoming posts, in the mean time I just stopped by to say hi, and to let you know that I have not forgotten about you.

The Lord is good, He always is!!!

Blessings! 🙂

@ 4:15

This past Friday was my daughter’s birthday we kissed, hugged like crazy, ate, played and laughed so hard that my tummy hurt, it was so fun indeed, but most importantly she was so happy and that was priceless. I wish I could say the same thing about the day she was born.

It was May 23 @ 10:30 am when I showed up for my doctor’s appointment, she was only 30 weeks of gestation, the next thing I knew was that I had severe preeclampsia and they needed to do an emergency c-section and we may die, there was nothing to laugh about, I was so scared! 12 years later around the same time we were concerned about her school work.

As soon as I arrived to the hospital they prepared me for surgery and @ 4:15 pm a healthy baby was born, still she was very premature, so I was not able to hold her, they just showed her from afar as they took her to the NICU. This time at the same time she shouted “it is official I’m 12 and I’m so happy”

Who knew I would have such a joy and I do thank the Lord for every single minute of her life.

What are you thankful for?

I love the Monarchy!

Yes, I love the Monarchy! After all, I do what my King says. I follow His laws and commandments and He promised  to take good care of me. Called convenience, but I do as He says because I know He will fulfill His word no matter what.

Keeping His laws and commandments are a delight for me, although sometimes I fall and break a commandment, I’m not perfect, but still He forgives me and keeps taking good care of me, no matter how bad things are I know for sure He will be there ALWAYS. I love my King and He loves me, how awesome is that!

He loves me so much to the point He will inherit His kingdom to me, yes that makes me a princess, but please don’t bow down to me!  It’s just me.  ALL the honor and glory should be to Him ALWAYS.  Now you see why I love the Monarchy so much, what’s not to love? But more important I love my King!

And you my friend do you have a King?